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Whups. This page has been neglected awfully long. I've got a butt-load of things I could dump here since it's been a while. Oh-wait...the internet isn't a dump truck. It's a series of tubes!! Expect content soon, anywayz.
Hi peeps. Guezz whut? It's time for my publishing debut!

Here's what the press release says:

For Immediate Release
July 10, 2008         Contact:
        Phone Number: 740-707-5413

Book signing  at Universe of Superheroes

Athens, OH——Athens native Eric Cornwell will present his first graphic story on July 17, 7 p.m. at Universe of Superheroes (19 W. Washington St. in Athens). Cyclotopia is the continuing story
of bicycles on Earth, from their inception to the heights of universal consciousness, all made possible by the wheel. Eras illustrated include the Golden Age of Bicycles, the Fossil-Fuel Interval, the Global Energy Peak, the Anarchy Ride, and the Velorution. The eighth stage depicts Cyclotopia, a distant utopian future in which a cycle-minded society appreciates the unity of all things. Cyclotopia is a proclamation of bicycling perfection that is attainable through use of mankind's most logical vehicle. Cyclotopia is produced and promoted by Athens-based JKPublishing.

"Cyclotopia is my life's work, my dedication to all that I love and all that could be, if you and everyone in this world took up cycling as a way of life."-Eric Cornwell

OMG!! I am so excited!!
My macbook has a power cord once again! Too bad the battery is worthless now. It was interesting to revive it and see my facebook and other stuff from six months ago. One thing I also found is the link to Brett's photojournalism project on my backyard bike trails that was done two summers ago. Here it is:

Other news:
My comic book signing date won't be until the beginning of the next school quarter, rather than in the dead of summer. I don't mind.

Apparently I was on WOUB radio - didn't hear it myself but about a week ago a friend and I were interviewed on how gas prices have affected us and what changes we've made to our lifestyles because of it. I of course told about selling my car and biking everywhere I go. I mentioned that prices in Europe are still higher than ours and that it's a good incentive to use more efficient means of transport.

I also hope to see myself, or at least words of mine, in this Sunday's Athens Messenger. There was a nice photojournalist girl that showed up to bike polo on Thursday, taking lots of pictures and asking about all the bike-related things we do.

I've been progressing in the sport of unicycling with the help of a self-described pirate named Gracie. She gave me a 24" uni to learn on if I returned the favor to someone else. After a week I had become proficient, and already ordered my own uni to ride trials on. Expect photos at some point.

Otherwise, I've been a big part of the Athens Bicycle Co-operative, an organization dedicated to providing bikes and mechanical know-how to the community. We still operate out of a residential garage but support and customers seem to be growing.

It's summer in Athens! Muggy hot hot muggy sweat! I think I'll go jump in a pond!
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So as soon as the chapter of Teachings of the Bhikke is finished my publisher CJ is ready to start printing copies of it. I told him this could be about two weeks in the future. (ever seen The Money Pit? Two weeks? Two weeks! ) I have to color a page, a cover, and another page I haven't started yet.

I also have a friend who agreed to make me my own website in exchange for a drawing, which has been completed. So far I've done a quick mock up of the home page.

I would like to express my excitement over these two things...


It has been a long day, I started this week commuting by bike to work and I added another ride into town today for Difficult Dialogues, a Bike Co-Op meeting, and a small grocery load. I am too tired to even fin
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On a whim, I started moving files from my old VCL webpage to this one. Besides those, there are still many older drawings of mine that I love going back and rediscovering, so I then went through the six or eight old sketchbooks of mine, hunting down my old favorites that begged to be presented. I have something against inking over or altering my original work because I like to keep it as a representation of my skill level at that specific date and time. Instead I scan them as they are and manipulate them digitally until they are web-worthy. I like having a large amount of previous works, it's like a time capsule and a register of skills as they developed. I almost forget how long I held on to drawing four-finger hands and disconnected mouths. At the same time I am looking back at the different styles and subjects I've worked with, it gives me great incentive to produce more and more things to archive under my artistic endeavors. Hope you all enjoy the earlier works from my past. They never get old.
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So I've been doing a lot lately to prepare for Critcal Mass, which has me very excited because people seem to be showing a lot of enthusiasm already, and it's freaking February! It's probably gonna snow Friday night like it is right now! I told everyone at the Vegan Cooking Workshop, and also announced it before reading at Designated Space. (slam poetry night at Donkey coffee shop) I read the last half of the Bhikke's teachings, while the first page of it has appeared on the JK Pubishing website, which is here:…
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Just for the sake of fresh journal material...

Hi peepls! I've been drawing a bit since I don't work in winter. I've had some interest in my chapter on the Bhikke by J & K publishing. That means I gotta finish the thing, color and all. I am trying to finish enough pieces in marker to hold a show at the Donkey coffee shop or sell at a proposed art festival this spring. I've also started sending cover submissions to Dirt Rag magazine, one of my favorite biking zines. I want be published!

Wish me luck!
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I am glad to see my brother!

Christmas was good! I had 2 dozen gifts to give this year and about half of them are still in my possession, but I did another major upload of the gift drawings anyway. So if you are a friend of mine you may spoil your gift by looking here. That really doesn't matter, though. I already showed 2 or 3 people their drawings before giving them and 1 of them I actually told her which one she was getting because she was talking about how much she liked it. I put out a lot of drawings this month, something I would like to get accustomed to. Well now I can switch over from drawing for others to drawing for my own edification. Comic threads await...

Come New Year's day, my bro and I are getting our first tattoos! I'm excited!
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So I just added almost 30 new deviations to my gallery. I was tired of hoarding all this unfinished work where nobody could appreciate it 'cept me. I concede that my comics will not be posted in any sort of logical or sequential fashion, and the viewers will have to get over it. At least there are new things to look at! Surely it will garner some interest and those most delighted will encourage me to finish the projects I stop in the middle of. As of right now the first chapter of Cyclotopia is fully written and needs ink on the remaining seven pages. The chapter on the Bhikke has 4 out of 6 perfections plotted out with only the first page inked. The dream story I don't plan to ink and it is on its twelfth page with nothing written past that. I have another chapter not yet on DA that is 7 pages roughed in but not quite finished either. Then I have Christmas gifts for lots of peeps that I know but those won't appear here until after they are given. So there's my update! Woohoo!

Y'all come back now.
Yesh I deviate once again! Just because I haven't posted don't mean I haven't been drawing! I have! So yeah, check it. I'll be posting more now, hopefully. I try to finish stuff, but it's always easier to start new drawins.

"that one goes right about *here* on the excuses T-shirt"
I went to Austria in February. HOW FONKING AWESOME WAS IT YOU ASK? Very.
My expattycake eurotrash <a>bro-thar teaches English in a small city called Eisenstadt near the Hungarian border.  My Mom and I went to visit him for a week and a half of fun alpine adventures. We rented a VW Polo and drove across the nation, visiting Vienna, Neusiedl, Sopron, Graz, Bad Ischl, and Salzburg. I traveled in subways, in streetcars, in biodiesel busses, in electric busses, in a few small cars, in a mountain elevator, in a mountainside tram, in an aerial tram, on a snowboard, swimming in saltwater baths, and of course, on a bicycle. I bought some nice clothes, including a traditional-style hat like one you would see in commercials for Ricola. It was great to see my favorite brother again; I can see why he wants to be a euroboy and never come back to the United States of Wastefulness unless he has to. Europe is a nice place. I'm glad I can say that I've been there at least once!

Trike, trailer, and trials

Sun Nov 27, 2005, 10:36 AM
Hey there. Stuff has been happening!

Biggest news is that I bought a trike made by KMX with hopes of adding coroplast fairings to create a true velomobile. I also have ordered the 64" Bikes at Work trailer with fork mounting hitch for carrying an extra cycle. What does this mean? It means I will be able to ride anywhere I choose in comfort recumbent-style, fill my trailer with all the shit I want (up to 300 pounds!!) AND be able to bring Lev with me, so when the mood strikes I can switch to trials-style riding! The ultimate goal is to be able to sell my car and ride this thing everywhere, even on extended trips. (Dave in NM wants me to visit and theres no way in hell I'm wasting money on gas for a trip like that)

Yeah, I been in a lapse. Sort of coming out of it though. I got some cool velomobile drawings I will have to share. Until then you have a wet weasel to leer at.

It took me like 3 hours to finish the shading on her upper lip. :D
LOL that movie was funny.

Bikes fucking own!

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Encore un promenade en velo

Sat Oct 15, 2005, 5:15 PM
Bicycles! I love them so!

Aaaron and I were out there rompin' the A scene for a solid six hours today. I stuck all 10 of my "I'm changing the climate!" stickers on the biggest SUVs I could find. YAY PROPAGANDA! Early on I mangled my back rim a bit gapping near Clippenger Hall and landing it sideways. I had to remove Maggie (the rear brake) and beat the wheel on the ground until it could spin and not try to eat the chainstays. So on the way to Athens Bicycle from there I had to remind myself - NO MANUALS - cause attempting a manual without the rear brake to save your ass when you get too far back is bad news. Anyway, Mike was able to get the thing back in line in much less time than I would have, so the ride continued. Maggie wasn't working quite the same, which caused a few slips here and there. Even so, I hit that manual line at the West Green entrance ALMOST to the street, which was like, "CHYEAH!" Eventually we stopped at the Oak Room for beers and pool. Aaron is much better at pool than I, so he played one-handed. I didn't expect to win two of the three games we played, (he scratched on the 8 twice) but I'm sure he didn't expect it either. He was pretty good, even with one hand! I simply haven't spent as much time hanging out in bars. So then we went up to the Ridges, by the obstacle course where there is this nice balance line across a big log 30-40 ft long and not very high off the ground. It was a challenge, but I rode the length of it. Also there's a teeter-totter near there, which I could balance on and rock back and forth by standing on either wheel. Then we rode some trail down to 682 and back to Richland, and we rode IN the stream by Richland cause Aaron said it had a culvert going under the highway which I thought would be worth checking out. Of all places to ride, we couldn't have picked a more challenging one. We slipped across the rocks, we gathered many burrs trying to circumvent a deep spot, and of course we got our feet wet later anyway. But I have to admit I still enjoyed it, cause I just love trying to ride in places where bikes are not meant to be, even if it means carrying the bike as much as riding it. That brought us to the across-the-river side of the golf course, which had a culvert full of slime that we rode in. (as if we weren't filthy enough at that point!) From there I bid Aaron adieu and headed back to the sk8park, which was still crowded. I like how some of the kids that hang around there recognize me now and say "hey Lev'ret!" and "jump the dome!" etc.

In summary I would be quite content If all my Saturdays were as good as this one has been.

Bikes fucking own!

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the 500

Wed Oct 12, 2005, 2:04 PM
Whoever is doin' the clickin' when that pageview counter reaches 500 comment here with a request and I will draw it for you. OK? OK!


E rides again

Sat Oct 1, 2005, 7:13 PM

Again I ride with my new friends. Highlight: I frickin' BROKE (for the second time) this square bench JUST AFTER making another mostly succesful attempt at gapping between it and a rectangular bench nearby. Oops, my bad! Also gettin' better with this long, curving, flowing manual line at the West green entrance. It was slow, but I almost made it halfway one time there. I found Aaron has a few tricks that I can't do like bikesurfing. (it was almost bikesurfing, he stood on the frame instead of the seat.) But still it looked cool and I was impresssed. Later he rode a few hundred feet around a smooth corner on nothing but one pedal. Lou joined us this time, he just practiced wheelies and hoped one day he too could exert such skilled control over a bicycle.

Bori Nurse coming soon! She is looking very good already.

I would complain about my iPod being non-responsive if I thought anyone would care. They probably don't, so I shall refrain.

Happy thoughts!


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E be Ridin'

Sat Sep 24, 2005, 7:03 PM

Had a great day riding today. This time I wasn't all by myself, which made it super fun compared to solo urbassaults. This time it was a pair of wheelie masters to which the drunken masses of Athens roared their appreciation. I met this guy Aaron at the (too) big one last week. We met at the skatepark but didn't stay there long because it was crowded and I had been around there for hours already. He showed me a few cool places I hadn't found yet around the town. To our dismay we discovered the two trees that made Jeff hill an awesome run were gone, but we also scoped out some potentials. "If we could just add a little dirt before this root you could launch yourself down that hillside and have a nice tranny to land on!" No, not a transexual. I could tell he was impressed by my riding, he said I was renewing his interest in trials. I made one of my (if not the) biggest ups at AMS. This wall was about the height of my navel as I stood beside it, and I upped onto it the third try. The second - well first let me tell you about my little friend Laggy. He's that little plush bunny attatched to my bike. He's actually a hand puppet my brother and I named Laggy the Lagamorph and I've had him a while. Now Laggy serves the worthy cause of protecting my possible progeniture. He's a nard guard! Anyways the second attempt on the wall I hooked my front tire on the wall by accident. I threw my weight forward, bringing my feet off the pedals and *somehow* I managed to get myself and the bike up there, but it did NOT look pretty. Laggy got a little love tap in the process, and I was a little shaken but OK otherwise. Pretty soon I had the courage to go at it again and I barely and bumpily squeaked up there. Then there were mad manuals especially on Richland, Congress, Union, and even down the parking garage ramps in a circle. After suffciently inflicting ourselves with this raw mix of pain and enjoyment, we each had a beer where Aaron works at the Oak Room. Football crowd was pouring out from the game, which OU won apparently. (like I care)

*Fireworks exploding*
A: "I guess that means we won the game?"
E: "I dunno. It means we like loud noises."

About my drawings I am working on the lynx and she is looking very good so far.

About my music I found Today's Specials which I had been missing for so long. Pressure Drop is SUCH A GREAT SONG. Now if only I could find my Eat at Joeys CD I've been missin'. Also bought some new stuff by Fink's Constant and it is very good indeed. Go ska go! SKA SKA SKA!

Heh heh. I like existing and stuff. Everything's good. It's all good.
I'ma leave it attat.

Word out.
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Tue Sep 20, 2005, 2:13 PM
Hi everyone.

  First of all I had a frickin' awesome weekend. Saw THE BIG ONE at the Athens Fairgrounds. More music than I could stuff my earholes with. Highlight was dancing to The Royales and just plain skankin' my inebriated butt off to their music. Alcohol was served on the fairgrounds for the first time since prohibition, and I consumed it diligently. My friend Kara I went with got the hook-up and her friend working staff gave us approximately $12 worth of free drinks. Another friend of hers brought Jim Bean in various containers and going, 'here, have some "water." Have some "pepsi."'
  I'd like to thank Stephen for providing the party landing zone on smith street, to which I rode a short distance to on Reta. There I deposited in the backyard those $1 discount hot dogs we bought before leaving. Stephen let me sleep in his sister's bed which was very nice. Then Sunday morning I rode back home after a Union Street Cafe breakfast.
Stephen also hosted at his place Friday as Art's going away party. I'm going to miss him, but maybe not for a while yet. That hedonistic eurotrash brother of mine.

New music I've bought:


The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Drawing status:
  Well I slowed down a little bit; I liked how fast my influence here was growing the past few weeks. 300 pageviews is a good start, so woohoo to that. I have 2 drawings going and am thinking of taking more requests. I would do trades except I have no characters, really. Maybe I should work on that. Still want to write a story. Some day it's just going to emenate itself right out of my brain, I know it.

Everyone hold their breath now...

And as fuh me, Ah gots groch'ry schoppin' ta dos.

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Devart gots my muneh.

Tue Sep 6, 2005, 6:04 PM
Aight, so I went and did it. Bought the print account. I've yet to figure out how to use it, but I don't really care right now. There's a number of Devart features I still don't know how to use yet, but I'll familiarize over time.

Yesterday was spent at my parents cookout thrown for a family friend that moved to Colorado but is visiting. I carried around my photo and worked on my ID pic, ate hamburgers, drank wine, listened to them play bluegrass, etc.

The new house has renters now, my two housemated are Jeremy (a grad student in art) and Lyle (a barber). Both seem to be good characters to live with, so I hope everything goes smoothly. They're all moved in now while my brother locates in the basement until his flight for Austria.

Udda dan dat....been hangin' soffits an sidin'. Easy muneh. The siding, at least.

Ok, thats it till I feel like talking to strangers again...

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I have internet now.
For my 21st birthday which was last tuesday.

I gotta scan some shi7. Share it witchyall.

Keep watching this space for major augmentation soon!
Uhh.. hello random people. I'm really sorry about this but I can no longer post artwork because I moved into my new house that does not have internet. I hope to get some DirecWay broadband access as soon as my roommates and I get together the $600 to install it. Anyway, I still move pencils around on occasion, but you ain't gonna see any of it! Not unless you meet me in person...and when you do, ask me whats in my new drawing book.